May 14, 2014

Review for Elliot Goldenthal’s New Symphony

Posted by Michelle Birsky
From the Orange County Register:
Elliot Goldenthal’s Symphony in G-Sharp Minor, composed especially for the occasion and given its work premiere at the end of the concert, is a distinguished and exciting piece of work.  It knows it’s a symphony from the get-go, knows what it has to do. …The finale takes the lid off, is brash and jagged and motoric, near the end unleashing a battery of antiphonal percussionists, who slammed away here in the reverberation chambers around the hall, to thrilling stereophonic effect. …Call it dramatic but never cheap.  This tightly knit score deserves wide play, and I hope St.Clair and the orchestra will bring it back, too.  Hat’s off to Goldenthal…”


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