Oct 3, 2014

Review of the ASCAP Gala concert at FMF

Posted by Michelle Birsky

“However, as great as Zimmer segment was, the biggest applause of the evening was directed to the penultimate position on ASCAP gala programme: Elliot Goldenthal’s Grand Gothic Suite showcasing scores fromBatman Forever and Batman & Robin(although the latter was represented only by ‘The Birth of Bane’). The dazzling and wild performance was augmented by extensive lightshow of Bat-symbols – amusingly recalling the excessive kitsch of Joel Schumacher’s films. The audience absolutely loved it. Goldenthal visited Krakow for a third year in a row and he’s very much liked by locals – the immediate standing ovation was a definite proof of that. The virtuoso The Beethoven Academy Orchestra (under the baton of Navarro) put some other, older orchestras to shame. The young players found themselves jumping from one style of writing to another, without missing a beat. Hopefully, FMF will utilise their talents more often from now on.”

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